Cabin work completed and work to be done

  1. Carpet needs to be replaced in living area/bedroom-Barb-completed-July 2011
  2. Floor needs to be replaced in Kitchen and Dining Room-Vicki-completed-July 2011
  3. A-Frame roof has a few shingles missing-Nathan
  4. Driveway needs to be excavated and leveled-Nathan-completed-April 2011
  5. Kitchen stove needs to be replaced-Vicki/Pat-completed-June 2011
  6. Wood Burning Stove needs to be replaced and moved to corner of living area-Pat & Harley-completed-July 2011
  7. Foundation needs to be repaired and leveled-Nathan-completed-May 2011
  8. Bathroom needs to be updated-Vicki-completed-August 2011
  9. Solar system needs to be repaired-Adolph
  10. Dining room table and chairs need to be replaced-Pat & Harley-completed August 2011
  11. Propane heater will be removed and not replaced-Pat-completed-June 2011
  12. Side deck will be enclosed for added dining room space-Nathan-completed-July 2011
  13. Exterior of new addition and shed need to be painted-Lee-completed-July 2011
  14. The floor in the shed needs to be repaired or replaced-Jim
  15. Temporary parking area for camping trailers/vehicles  needs to be extended-Harley-completed-July 2011
  16. Roof is leaking and needs to be repaired or replaced by a licensed roofer-Nathan-completed-October 2011
  17. Patio Screen needs to be replaced-Adolph-completed-July 2011
  18. New flooring needs to be installed upstairs-Donna & Byron-completed-August 2011
  19. Storm door needs to be replaced-Barb & Dennis-completed-July-2011
  20. Paint Kitchen Cabinets-Lee
  21. Replace Kitchen Sink & Cabinet-Vicki-completed-May 2012
  22. Install exterior trim-Adolph, Dennis, Andy, Dan, Marco & Nathan
  23. Re-stain windows and trim in the interior of cabin-Adolph
  24. Install a curtain where the water holding tank is located-Pat-September 2012
  25. Replace bedroom curtain and rods-Pat-September 2012
  26. Install trim around drop down stairs and stain-Adolph-completed May 2012
  27. Remove popup trailer and pickup truck (per Park County Code Enforcement) by August 12, 2011-Adolph-completed-August 2011
  28. Repair & Re-finish picnic table on back deck-Donna & Byron
  29. Replace outlets that  are not working properly
  30. Replace interior light in dining room and kitchen
  31. Install a new porch light on backdeck
  32. Re-stain front and backdeck