1.    Unlock the door.  The keys to the shed are above the stove on the blue key ring.
2.    Unlock the shed.  Turn on the inverter.  Plug in the electric cord. When the red light comes on push the reset button below the on/off button until the red light goes off.  Hook up battery cables to battery for the 12-volt (Optional). The outlet by the bedroom downstairs is 12-volt only.
3.    Turn on the gas at the propane  tank behind the cabin.
4.    To light the pilot lights for the burners and oven on the kitchen stove:

– Turn on the gas valve (red handle-counter clockwise) on the back of the stove.

– Lift up the front of the stove top and light the two pilot lights for the burners.

– The pilot light for the oven is located in bottom drawer (broiler) center top.

– Owners manual is on the kitchen counter if you have any questions about the stove.

5.  Light the hot water heater located outside of cabin just off the left side of front deck.

6. To light the refrigerator pilot light read the instructions located inside bottom of the refrigeratior, to turn the gas valve on, turn the yellow handle (counter clockwise) it is located behind the refrigerator. You will have to manually light the pilot light located on back of refrigerator. Take off the back cover on the left hand side and use a match to light while someone pushes the white button in on the front of the stove. It might take a couple of tries to get it lit.
7.    Water: If the tank is low start up the generator and plug the cord into the generator, then push the handle in the on position and wait for the tank to fill.  This will save some of the battery life for later in the evening. The tank is full when the dial is at 50 in the straight up and down position.  When done pumping be sure to turn the pump off by putting handle in the down position. Once water is pumped, generator can be stopped and electric cord should be plugged back into the solar inverter. When running the generator, hook up the battery charger to one of the batteries and plug charger into the generator. It is recommended that the tank be filled before going to bed each night of your stay, remember use the generators power not the solar each time you fill the water tank.



1.    Turn off solar.  Unplug electric cord.  Unhook the battery cables.
2.    Turn off the gas valve (red handle – clockwise)on the back of the stove. Turn off hot water heater.  Turn off propane gas in the back of the cabin.
3.    Clean and remove ashes from woodburning stove when you leave (pour water over ashes in bucket in case they are still hot).  Place ash bucket outside next to the trash cans
4.    Vacuum the living room,  vacuum is in the bedroom.  You can only plug the vacuum into the outlet by the sliding glass door.  Sweep and mop all floors.  Clean bathroom.
5.    Close all the drapes when you leave the cabin.
6.    Take all trash with you. Turn trash barrels over to avoid “dead animals” in them.
7.    Clean refrigerator after use and make sure door is kept open to avoid mold growing.
8.    Make sure all doors are locked.  The front door must be locked with the key when you leave.

If you have any questions or problems please call Nathan at 303-589-8013 or Adolph at 303-601-0705.


Leave the water tank full.  When using the campfire please clean up the cans and bottles after each use -DO NOT THROW CANS OR BOTTLES IN THE FIRE.  Make sure you take water up to the campfire.  Make sure campfire is out before going to bed. Please do not dump ashes in front of the stone house. Please put ashes, in hole that has been dug for ashes, up on hill next to stone house.


In September; drain all the water by opening the faucets outside the cabin (located on side of the cabin).  There are two faucets, one for cold and one for hot.  Drain both of them.
When the pipes are completely drained for the winter do not run water through the pipes.  To use water in the fall and winter, fill water tank as usual but you need to hook up the small hose down by the water tank ( under counter) to fill blue containers with water.
Cabin Plumbing must be re-winterized after each use from October thru May, procedure is listed below. If you have any questions or problems please call Nathan at 303-589-8013 or Adolph at 303-601-0705.


                                                        Winterizing the Cabin October – May


Material you will need- 3 Gallons of pink RV anti-freeze, air compressor, extension cord and washer hose with gauge (I will leave at Nathan’s).

Open all faucets including the two outside of cabin to drain water

Flush toilet until most of the water has drained out of the tank and bowl

Close all faucets including the left one outside of the cabin and the toilet shutoff located on the left side of toilet coming up from the floor.

Hook up the washer hose with the gauge to the right outside faucet

Fill the system with 40-60 lbs of air and close the right faucet, remove the hose with the gauge

Open the faucets one at a time in kitchen, bathroom, shower and toilet shutoff until no more water comes out then close each faucet and the toilet shutoff as you go.

Open both faucets outside of cabin one at a time until all water has drained.

Once all the water has drained outside the cabin you can open all the faucets everywhere.

Pour 3 – cups of anti-freeze down each shower/sink drain in bathroom and the kitchen drain.

Pour 1- gallon of anti-freeze in the toilet tank and ½ a gallon in toilet bowl.

Call Nathan with any questions 303-589-8013


Please put the chairs and white picnic tables under the cabin for the winter.